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Tender Statistics

  • Tenders : 4757
  • Corrigendum : 2093
S.No. Tender No Tender Title [English] Department Category Action
1. GLK/TE18/360 CARBON BLACK FEED STOCK Greases & Lubricants Supply Indigenous
2. GLK/TE18/359 GROUP II BASE OILS FOR KOLKATA... Greases & Lubricants Supply Indigenous
3. GLK/TE18/358 GROUP I BASE OILS FOR KOLKATA ... Greases & Lubricants Supply Indigenous
4. 0100LE1290 MANUAL SCREEN PRINTING WORK ON... Industrial Packaging Services
5. GLK/TE18/352 HOUSE KEEPING OF ARL BUILDING Greases & Lubricants Services
6. 0100LE1291 HIRING OF D G SETS FOR CHENNAI... Industrial Packaging Services
7. BL/LI/TCW-RAI/18-1... Engagement of Handling Contrac... Logistics Infrastructure Services


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